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Enrich Life Coaching, LLC seeks to empower each and every client that is served. The enrich coach relies upon education, skill, wisdom and intuition to provide you with the most personalized and fruitful coaching experience. Not only is coaching available for individuals but group coaching is also offered for meditation practice, journaling and more!

Services are offered in the following formats for your convenience and privacy:

Video Chat/Skype

In Office (suspended due to CoVid19)


Appointments can be made by phone or online for life coaching sessions. Schedule now! 

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To supplement my life coaching approach I have also received training in the techniques to perform 

Reiki on others & long distance.  Although Reiki sessions are not provided at this time, recommendations related to Chakra Healing may be incorporated in your coaching session. 

Newsletters are emailed weekly to offer mindfulness tips and announcements of upcoming events to improve your life and self-care. 

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Embracing small personal changes can be the first step toward creating greater change in the world, and humanity at large.

― Mallika Chopra, Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace, and Joy