Coaching Services

Allow me to help you change your mindset to be potential-focused, instead of problem-focused.  

Allow me to direct you towards your healing! 

I emphasize overall well-being, including physical, emotional & mental wellness. As a team, 

we’ll work towards a more positive, enriched, and happier you!

My life coaching specialties include:

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Support

Life-Work Balance

Old Soul & Empath Support

Mindfulness/Meditative Strategies

 Pregnancy Support

Women's (Womb) Issues

Inner Child Issues & Healing

Self-Care & Spiritual Grounding

Body Image Concerns

Personal Growth

Consultation for Mental Health Professionals & Counselors

Life Coaching

The average cost of individual life coaching with Ms Caldwell is $100 to $250 per session. 

Cost is based upon complexity of need for coaching.


Consultation is available to mental health professionals seeking support and supervision above and beyond what they receive from the employer. At times consultation is also available for groups for a fee of $30 each.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is about being present in the here and no! It is excellent for relaxation, stress relief & tension release. 

Mindfulness meditation is offered one on one, small group and via webinar. The Full Moon Release Webinar Series is the only recurring web event. at this time.

Journaling Workshops

Workshop are held monthly for all parties interested in personal growth. Journaling is the avenue in which I have been lead to use to help others set goals, heal and reach new levels. 

Average cost is $30 to $50 per participant.

Professional Training

Training for mental health professionals vary from Secondary Traumatic Stress Prevention to Cultural Humility. Will be listed in events as scheduled. 

Prices vary. 

Appointments can be made by phone or online for life coaching sessions. Schedule now! 

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What our customers are saying

Tamieka is personable and so easy to understand. Her meditation class helps me to relax which is much needed!

- Anonymous, Meditation Student

What our customers are saying

Went to a journaling workshop and Tamieka was focused and fun - i enjoyed it way more than i expected and it really helped me focus my intentions, and was really relaxing!

- Jenny L.,  Workshop Participant 

Coaching Prices

Compare coaching packages and find the best fit for you for the greatest value. 

You may also pay per session. Rates start at $85 per session. Please contact Enrich Coach directly regarding 

coaching for couples and groups.

Bronze Coaching Package 


for 6 Sessions

Best Package Offer

1 hr sessions

No Charge for Email Communications

Meaningful Homework

In Person/ Phone

Newsletter Subscription


Silver Coaching Package


for 10 Sessions

Best for Meeting a Goal

1 hr sessions

No Charge for Email Communications

Meaningful Homework

In Person/ Phone

Includes 1 Free Meditation Webinar

Newsletter Subscription


Gold Coaching Package


for 14 Sessions

Best for Meeting 1-3 Goals

1 hr sessions

No Charge for Email Communications

Meaningful Homework

In Person/ Phone

Includes 1 Free Journaling Workshop

1 Free Gift

Newsletter Subscription


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